A story that has been handed down for generations.

La Rosetta has been a story of innovation since 1966 when Carmelo Riccioli decided to open a fish-only restaurant in the heart of Rome near the Pantheon.

Instead, after more than half a century, La Rosetta is recognized as the restaurant of the seafaring tradition of the capital and beyond.

The Chef Massimo Riccioli

is the heir of this tradition and history. The chef reinterprets the trattoria as an evolution of haute cuisine. Integralist of the quality of raw materials, he personally chooses, bringing authentic flavors to his dishes, the result of memories of the past and his Sicilian roots. He was the first to introduce the Romans to oysters, in the 80s, with the first Oyster Bar in the capital.
For Massimo, sustainability is also important, which he expresses by using every part of the product and making less noble fish protagonists of the kitchen.

The kitchen

Massimo and a team of young professionals create a proposal, which chooses and enhances the products, reworking with their knowledge and craftsmanship. A real laboratory for research and conservation of Mediterranean culture and culinary tradition.
A balance of flavors that surprises and looks to contemporary elements. The offer is completed by an attentive welcome and the warmth of great hospitality.


Via della Rosetta, 8, 00186 Roma (Italy)