Lunch Menu - 2 courses to choose € 45 p.p.
from Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 3pm



Amberjack ceviche

Fried Squid with salad and beetroot gazpacho




Tagliolino with Grouper and yellow tomotoes


Linguine with Clams from Terracina, tomatoes and toasted breadcrumbs


Amberjack fillet “acqua pazza” style with potatoes


Tuna steck sweet and sour with vegetables




Dessert of the day € 7

Wine by the glass our selection € 7




The price of dishes increases by 20% when they are divided for 2 or more people

Fresh fish intended to be consumed raw is marked with ** and has been subjected by us to prior reclamation treatment in accordance with the
requirements of Reg (EC) 853/2004 (annex III, section VII, chapter 3, letter D, point 3).

Products marked with * could be frozen due to difficult availability of fresh product due to meteorological or seasonal mootivies.

Products marked with * could frozen

Information for any food intolerances is appreciated. Ask the staff for the list of allergens


Via della Rosetta, 8, 00186 Roma (Italy)