Meal for gourmets. Fresh oysters close-up at restaurant.

Heir to this tradition and history, he continues the challenge of reinterpreting the restaurant as an evolution of haute cuisine. A proposal, which chooses and enhances the raw material, re-elaborates it with wisdom and craftsmanship, to become a true research and conservation laboratory of the Mediterranean culinary culture.

All seasoned with the welcome and warmth of great hospitality.

Integralist of the quality of raw materials

… Which every day he chooses personally, Massimo Riccioli never renounces the generosity and flavors in his dishes, but at the same time he is an artist and an esthete. Either for his past as a film operator (he collaborated in the making of many successful films), or for his multifaceted nature and those Sicilian roots of which he is very proud, which make him the interpreter of a sort of modern commedia dell’arte, because Massimo Riccioli goes beyond the kitchen, becoming the iconic representation of the hero entrepreneur who wants to contribute to collective well-being.
Always an apprentice of seafood, many of his creations have set the standard in the world of catering. Massimo Riccioli is the interpreter of a passionate cuisine made of technique and poetry, ingredients that you will find in his unique dishes, never the same,


that only a true craftsman can make.